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who we are

We are webdesign studio based in London. We do websites and stuff like this.

big bang

Since I remember, I was always staring at the computer screen. Absolutely fascinated with things computers can do. As a creative mind I soon realised I need a way to express it and this is how I started my journey with graphic design. Then it was year 2000 when I connected my old good PC (Pentium 133 MHz) to Internet. Dial-up wasn't too fast, but these 5 kB/s let me upload my first website. I could then call myself a 'webdesigner' and I must admit, I was so damn proud of it. Next thing I remember was my mum paying huge telephone bills but I promised her to pay it all back 'some time soon'. People often ask me "how did you learned all this computer stuff?" and I say - I just know it. As you can see, big bang was just a matter of time and in 2007... was born.


No, we're not a bunch of nerds crowded in a tiny office, doing 9-5, tied to chair, pretending to work while actually browsing Facebook or Twitter. Nope, none of that stuff. Instead, we are free to work anywhere we want as long as there is Internet access and good weather. We are easy going but hard working bunch. We will drink as much coffee as needed to deliver your project on time. unostella is simply a network of trusted designers, developers, photographers and illustrators who work together closely and Internet is our office. We're all freelancers and this is what's great about us!

how we work

  • process

    Each project we do, we do from scratch. We take following ingredients: ideas, skills, experience, coffee and a single drop of blood and we serve them "shaken, not stirred".

  • inspiration

    Everything we experience on daily basis, extends our minds and makes them more and more creative. Not only movies, music and books but life itself, stories and people we meet, it all makes us mentally rich. Good designer's mind is always starving.

  • style

    Less is more.

our clients

Whether it's a startup or well known brand, we would love to help you.

our clients
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